Athletes´Choice Awards: best GFNYs 2023

Category winners and rankings are based on post race surveys



New York City, February 22, 2024 – GFNY announces the 2023 top 3 best events as voted by the riders based on post-race surveys that all riders receive. The surveys  capture rankings as well as open feedback.  

La corsa la fanno i corridori is GFNY’s motto: the racers make the race,” says GFNY President Lidia Fluhme. “And the racers also tell us what they like best about the GFNYs. It serves our race organizers as a reward – but even more so it provides riders unbiased info on which races to choose based on what’s important to them.”


Best Event Overall:  

First Place: GFNY Grand Ballon (France)

Second Place: GFNY Republica Dominicana

Third Place:  GFNY Cozumel (Mexico)


Best Race Destination:  

First Place: GFNY La Fortuna (Costa Rica)

Runner up: GFNY Bento Goncalves (Brazil)


Best Course:  

First Place: GFNY Villard de Lans (France)

Runner up: GFNY Chile


Best Finish Festival:  

First Place: GFNY Cannes (France)

Runner up: GFNY Bali


Best Race Communication:  

First Place: GFNY Cozumel (Mexico)

Runner up: GFNY Colonia (Uruguay)


Best Year-Round Activities:  

First Place: GFNY New York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Cusco (Peru)


Best Race Week Activities: 

First Place: GFNY Punta del Este (Uruguay)

Runner up: GFNY Uppsala (Sweden)


Best Packet Pickup and Expo:  

First Place: GFNY Zapopan (Mexico)

Runner up: GFNY Florida Sebring (USA)


Best Start Area:  

First Place: GFNY New York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Grand Ballon (France)


Best Aid Stations:  

First Place: GFNY La Vaujany (France)

Runner up: GFNY Maryland Cambridge (USA)


Best Course Organization:  

First Place: GFNY New York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Lourdes Tourmalet (France)


Best Finish Line: 

First Place: GFNY Republica Dominicana

Runner up: GFNY Alpes Vaujany (France)


Best New Race:  

First Place: GFNY Pennsylvania York (USA)

Runner up: GFNY Maryland Cambridge (USA)


About GFNY Global Endurance Sports Series

GFNY Global Endurance Sports Series is a sports event company with three decades of experience in racing and planning and organizing events. The global endurance sports brand hosts multiple events throughout the year around the world on five continents.

Working with partners around the world to deliver a first-class experience, GFNY Global Endurance Sports Series puts its athletes first.

The official GFNY website is:


Cycling – Mass Participation

30-plus events held around the world. View the latest calendar here

Riders get to BE A PRO FOR A DAY ® by competing against others, themselves and the clock in a personal endurance challenge.

Top 10% (20% at regional championships) of finishers in each age group qualify for the Elite Qualifier Corral at every GFNY World event.


GFNY World Championship NYC

The 12th annual GFNY World Championship New York will be held on May 19, 2024. The race features the world’s most international peloton with riders from over 90 countries. It is so international, it’s often described as the United Nations of cycling. Athletes take on a challenging route to compete against each other, the clock and themselves in a personal endurance challenge.

The official GFNY World Championship NYC website is:


Cycling – Pro Racing

Gran Premio New York City is the inaugural UCI 1.2 pro race on May 19, 2024. 25 professional teams will race the same course as riders at the Michelob ULTRA GFNY World Championship NYC – but with a 15 minute head start.


Running Marathons

GFNY Marathons bring the same concept and quality of the cycling races to running, whether it’s giving each runner a BE A PRO FOR A DAY experience, providing the mandatory-to-wear high-end singlet or the family-friendly destinations and organized races. GFNY Marathons are officially measured half- and full-marathon courses and as such, serve as qualifiers for Boston, NYC and the Abbott World Marathon Majors.

View the latest calendar here


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